Curbside Glass Recycling: Past, Present + Future

This article was written by Momentum Recycling “Amglassador” McKenzie Steward.

Curbside Bins with Glass Recycling Cart

Since starting the curbside residential glass recycling service in 2012 in Salt Lake City, UT, Momentum Recycling has expanded the program to more cities and now provides service to 10,000+ households! We are extremely grateful for all of the residents who recycle their glass. Over the past few months as many residents are at home in quarantine, the curbside glass recycling program has grown at an increased rate. But, what do you do if you want to recycle your glass at home but we do not offer the service in your neighborhood yet? Below we discuss Momentum Recycling’s future expansion plans and easy ways you can help spread the word about curbside glass recycling in your community.

Curbside Service Areas

Currently, Momentum Recycling offers residential glass recycling collection in eight (8) cities across the Salt Lake valley — four of which were added over the past year. We also serve about thirty (30) different cities with public glass recycling drop-off locations. Looking at areas where we currently service, the hope is to fill in the gaps and begin providing service soon to South Salt Lake, Midvale and Murray.

A little north, residents of Bountiful have expressed a lot of interest in the service, so we are hoping to expand the service northward to Bountiful in the coming months.

By focusing on calculated expansion into these new areas, we can hopefully keep service costs to a minimum for subscribers to the service – but this is where we need your help!