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2 days ago

Momentum Recycling

Be sure to check out The Cold Hard Cash Show at The Stateroom a week from today! Tickets are only $15 🙂 The COLD HARD CASH Show - Letterman Show - Folsom Prison Blues...

The State Room
Challenge: Have a friend play either this The Cold Hard Cash Show cover or the original Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues.

Can you tell the difference?

More Info on their Dec. 21st show:
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Our new “glass pods” are being installed throughout Salt Lake City to replace the original blue dumpsters. We are so excited!! - How do you like the new look? ... See MoreSee Less

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World Economic Forum
These cities are leading the way.

Read more on plastic pollution:
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2 weeks ago

Momentum Recycling

Our BATTERIES + BULBS RECYCLING special collection is coming up on Friday, December 14th. If your organization is interested and would like to signup, go to: ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Momentum Recycling

That's right-- we do use at least 4 senses (definitely not 5) to check what's in the blue bins! (Check out the The Salt Lake Tribune story here: )

You may have seen one of SLCgreen's Recycling Education Team members on your street checking recycling containers. Perhaps you've even spoken with one. They're out and about each week, across the city, having conversations with people about recycling. Their work is a critical part of our effort to make sure we are recycling as much as possible in the Salt Lake City community-- and that we're "recycling right."

That's because while SLCgov has little say over what is and isn't recyclable, having too much "contamination" (i.e. non-recyclable items) in our blue containers can ruin a whole load of recycling. It also costs the City - and ratepayers- money. That's why it's so important to get it right-- and keep things like plastic bags, food waste, garbage, shredded paper, and other items out of the blue containers.

We know it's confusing because what is accepted in the blue cans has changed recently (and periodically) since recycling is a market-based industry. While some cities have opted to cancel their recycling programs given the recent changes in the recycling world, we're doubling down and working hard to maintain the most robust program possible!

That's what the Education Team is all about. Recycling is more important than ever. So thank you to everyone in the Salt Lake City community who recycles! Thank you for your flexibility and patience as we get the word out, especially when the "rules" change. Thank you for caring. And thank you for treating our team with respect. We appreciate all you do!

To those who don't yet recycle-- we encourage you to do so! We're working hard to make it as easy and understandable as possible. Recycling saves resources, reduces pollution, and extends the life of our landfil = saving money. A little more inconvenience today pays off in dividends to our community today and tomorrow.

If you have questions on what goes in the blue container, check out our website, call us at 801-535-6999, or ask one of our awesome Education Team members your question. They'd love to talk with you!

For those wondering, here are the top sources of contamination in the blue containers:

*Plastic bags
*Bagging your recyclables in plastic bags -- this will cause them to get thrown away (instead put them in the blue bin loose, or use a paper bag)
*Dirty recyclables - wash them in the dishwasher or use already-used water to rinse them.
*Shredded Paper
*Glass - find a drop-off via our website or sign up for curbside collection-- glass has its own container!
*Food waste
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2 weeks ago

Momentum Recycling

Did you know?

BuzzFeed FYI
The truth about "compostable" plastics 😱
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