First Ever Glass Recycling Dumpster Mural



Glass Dumpster Mural at Liberty Park


What started out as a small idea has become quite the statement piece in Liberty Park! The previously plain and dirty glass recycling dumpster is now a piece of art that pays tribute to the amazing landscapes in Utah. After many months of planning, Momentum Recycling partnered with Salt Lake City and artist Josh Scheuerman to create this beautiful masterpiece.

General Manager Jason Utgaard developed the idea to make the glass drop-off dumpsters into statements of art. Why not make these dumpsters something a community should be proud to host? The entire team was inspired by the recent installations of murals around Salt Lake City that are helping to transform communities. With the Liberty Park dumpster already in need of re-painting, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give the idea a try. The question though was where to find someone who would want to paint a curved, metal dumpster – so we reached out to local artist Josh Scheuerman, who is known for his numerous murals in Salt Lake City and beyond. In addition to his artistic talents, we appreciate Josh’s emphasis on the importance of preserving the environment.

Josh Scheuerman working on the dumpster mural.

It was decided that the first mural should feature the well-known arches of Southern Utah. The dumpster was sandblasted using recycled glass from Momentum Recycling’s facility, after which it took Josh a few days to paint the mural. “As a native Utahn, I feel responsible for the wild and natural places,” Scheuerman said. “I believe it’s vitally important for new technology and information to help increase recycling alongside local art.” The Salt Lake City community now has a glass recycling dumpster that doubles as a piece of art!

As the Liberty Park drop-off location continues to collect glass, we hope that the dumpster begins to also serve a purpose of beauty. Since the initial placement of the dumpster on November 18th, 2020, the Liberty Park drop-off location has diverted over 28,200 pounds of glass from the landfill in less than 2-months. Hopefully, the newly painted dumpster will attract more individuals to recycle glass to help preserve the beautiful state of Utah.

Thank you to the community for your continued commitment to glass recycling!

If you are at Liberty Park and see the dumpster, please tag us on social media. We would love to see! – @momentumrecycling

“Keep Utah Beautiful – Recycle Your Glass!”