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Thanks to the outpouring of support from residents, we are excited to announce the expansion of curbside glass recycling to Park City!




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2 days ago

Momentum Recycling

Terri and Hasen are the brilliant minds behind the amazing local business, Sweet Lake Biscuits and Limeade! With sustainability in mind they create wonderful limeade and divert all the leftover waste with our food waste program! It is summer time so stop by and sip on some deliciousness to #supportbluebusinesses ... See MoreSee Less

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4 days ago

Momentum Recycling

We love working with Harmons Grocery Stores as they help divert thousands of pounds of food waste from the landfill!

#supportbluebusinesses #GiveAScrap #foodwaste
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1 week ago

Momentum Recycling

Help us spread the word! - We are looking for Salt Lake City residents to host a yard sign this summer to help move the community towards zero waste! ♻️ Click below to request your FREE yard sign today:

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1 week ago

Momentum Recycling

Public drop-off location for food waste?! - We've been working with Animalia for several months now and have already diverted 7,000+ lbs of food waste from the landfill just from this one program! ♻️ Click below to learn more:

... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago

Momentum Recycling

We hate to brag, but this internship is probably the coolest one around! The “Amglassador” helps move our community towards zero waste through various grassroots initiatives related to increasing recycling rates and awareness. With a special focus on glass recycling, the Amglassador internship focuses primarily on marketing & outreach efforts related to engaging both residential subscribers and businesses clients on why and how to best recycle their glass. The internship will also include work related to Momentum’s mixed recycling & food waste initiatives. Upon completion of the internship, the student will be better prepared for a career in sustainability and in an organization focused on community outreach and transformation.


The Amglassador will complete a minimum of 135 hours of work and will report directly to Momentum Recycling’s General Manager. The Amglassador may work flexible hours that work best with their work or class schedule and may be asked to work part of a weekend (Saturday) as part of a special event or other outreach efforts (though most work will occur Monday-Friday).

A detailed Work Plan will guide the Amglassador’s tasks, and it may be revisited if projects are completed early, take unexpectedly long, or other needs arise. Project-related work will include but not be limited to the following:

• Social Media: creating, testing & running social media campaigns as well as connecting with influencers/affiliates, analyzing paid promotions, and updating content.
• Website: audit functionality, review branding/messaging, create new content, etc.
• Special Events: attending fun events throughout the City to promote recycling & zero waste as well as host pop-up events around the area for folks to come learn more about recycling. Redesign Momentum’s booth for events and find more events for the company to attend.
• Drop-Off Location Marketing: develop unique ways to raise awareness about the area’s public drop-off locations through partnerships, onsite promotions, guerilla marketing, etc.
• BLOG: draft relevant content for the company’s blog.
• Marketing Materials: help create or redesign new marketing materials as well as distribute existing marketing materials (flyers, bin tags, yard signs, door hangers, window clings, etc.).
• Photography + Videography: help generate fresh visual content for Momentum’s outreach & education efforts (i.e. facility, trucks, clients, partners, bins, etc.).
• Canvassing: analyze existing subscriber base to pinpoint where to focus our door-to-door community outreach efforts.
• Press / Newsletters: draft press releases & submissions to local newsletters.

During the internship, the Amglassador is encouraged to offer their input and suggest direction on numerous different projects and is encouraged to take full ownership of certain initiatives to see them through to completion. At the end of the internship, the Coordinator and Amglassador will meet for an exit interview to wrap up work and discuss the results of the internship.


• Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (Excel, PowerPoint, Word).
• Experience with marketing or outreach efforts.
• Proven interest in sustainability and recycling.


Unpaid Internship (with mileage reimbursement for work-related travel)


Send resume & cover letter to Jason Utgaard at [email protected]
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1 week ago

Momentum Recycling

Do you know much about our food waste service? We work with a variety of businesses by helping them divert food waste from the landfill! We have gained a huge presence in corporate office buildings as businesses move towards zero waste. Learn more on our website!

#GiveAScrap #adobe #foodwaste #recyclemore
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