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Glass Dumpster Mural at Liberty Park

NEW Dumpster Mural!

To celebrate the importance of glass recycling in the community, Salt Lake City and Momentum Recycling unveiled a new dumpster at the Liberty Park drop-off location. It features a hand-painted, wrap-around mural of Utah red rock arches by local artist Josh Scheuerman.

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Park City Residential Glass Recycling Program

Now Available in Park City!

Thanks to the outpouring of support from residents, we are excited to announce the expansion of curbside glass recycling to Park City!




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Glass Dumpster Mural at Liberty ParkMomentum Recycling


10 hours ago

Momentum Recycling

Wow! Thank you to @recycleutah for helping to collect and help #momentumrecycling divert this dumpster of glass from the landfill 👏
#glassrecycling #recycleglass #glassrocks #sustainability #parkcityut #parkcitysustainability #utah
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4 days ago

Momentum Recycling

Did you know that when you recycle glass with #momentumrecycling you can actually leave the labels on? The process we use to recycle glass ensures that any hard to remove caps and labels are sorted out accordingly.
#recycleglass #glassrecycling #slcutah #utahisrad #sustainability #utah #ecofriendly #FunFactFriday
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1 week ago

Momentum Recycling

Each day @wasatchresourcerecovery receives close to 400 tons of food waste. The partnership between Wasatch Resource Recovery, local businesses, and #momentumrecycling has helped to divert tons and tons of food from the landfill. Make sure to give them a follow to learn more about an upcoming public drop-off program.
#foodwaste #sustainability #organicstoenergy #divertfoodwaste #slcutah #utah #utahsustainability
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2 weeks ago

Momentum Recycling

In early November, #momentumrecycling worked with Josh Scheuerman to create a one of a kind dumpster mural. While also serving as an incredible piece of art, the Liberty Park drop-off location has continued to collect glass recycling for the past two months. To learn more about this transformation check out the blog post linked below.

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3 weeks ago

Momentum Recycling

What are your New Year's Resolutions for 2021? One category to add to your list this year could be about sustainability. Things like reducing waste, walking to your destination, and of course, recycling glass all help. ... See MoreSee Less

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4 weeks ago

Momentum Recycling

Merry Christmas to all of the amazing #momentumrecycling customers and partners. Please note that Park City and Salt Lake City residential #glassrecycling was collected earlier this week. Hope that everyone has fun celebrating 🎄 ... See MoreSee Less

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